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Levent Group: A Legacy of Growth and Innovation

Established in 1969 by Özer Boyacı, Levent Sanayi Ltd. Şti. traces its roots to a shirt manufacturing factory passed down from Özer's father, Mehmet Boyacı. The company's name, Levent, meaning "brave sailor," was chosen through a contest organized by Mehmet and Özer Boyacı.

Over the years, Levent has expanded into diverse sectors and today employs over 2,500 people, becoming the largest local employer in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The company is committed to gender equality, with many women in leadership positions, and promotes equal opportunities for new graduates.

In 2024, Levent Group unveiled its new logo, designed by Chermayeff, Geismar&Haviv, one of the world's leading graphic design firms since 1957. The design carefully incorporates Levent Group's values, vision, and industry standing, strengthening its brand identity and global recognition.

Levent's core values are encapsulated in its motto, "Together We Produce, Together We Succeed." The company believes in the power of collaboration and production, and its success is attributed to its dedicated employees who embody unity, teamwork, and a strong sense of belonging. Synergy across its diverse business sectors further fuels Levent's growth and strength.

Levent's success is rooted in its commitment to its stakeholders, including customers, partners, and the community. Its unwavering belief in the country and its people has been the driving force behind its continuous achievements and value creation.

Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship, Levent is shaping the future. The company recognizes that sustainability, social responsibility, and adaptability to a changing world are essential for long-term success. Levent invests in innovation, technology, design, and R&D, ensuring its contribution to the development of society and the country's economy.

Levent Group's journey is a testament to its unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and social responsibility. The company stands as a beacon of success in Northern Cyprus, inspiring generations to come.

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