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Levent Group is committed to upholding the principles and goals of corporate sustainability. Our primary objective is to operate in a planned, efficient, and effective manner in every area we engage in.

It has always been our goal for our endeavors and all the projects we bring to life to create a shared value for our country and society. We value and respect all living things, appreciate people's ideas, and strive to deliver the best.

Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of Levent's training for all its employees. We always take ownership of our work and assume responsibility in the areas where we operate.


Guided by the philosophy of "people first," we conduct all our activities in accordance with our sustainability strategy, aiming for a more livable world. We believe it is our duty to advance humanity.

We are aware that in order to secure the resources and services we need to sustain our lives, we must protect our environment and improve environmental conditions for our children and future generations. With this awareness, we follow all national and international sustainability efforts with our leading brands in different sectors and make future-oriented investments.

We determine an economic satisfaction level that will ensure the continuation of ecological activities in all areas, from agriculture and animal husbandry to construction, energy, and education. We employ systems that can meet societal demands without harming the natural balance.

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