Özer and Neriman Boyacı Foundation

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In the context of the 2017 United Nations theme "Transformation towards a sustainable and resilient society for all", it includes work to increase and improve special education services both in terms of quality and quantity. Therefore, the development of sustainable services and the principle of increasing the capacity of individuals with special needs and their families to cope with the problems they face is also one of the main objectives of our Özer and Neriman Boyacı Foundation.

In this context, Özer and Neriman Boyacı Special Education School has started work to enable individuals with special needs to acquire self-care, academic, social adaptation and vocational education skills, and to support their families socially, psychologically and educationally. The Foundation's Special Education School, which will work to ensure that individuals with special needs can participate healthily in all areas of social life, has been meticulously designed as a result of a comprehensive study that takes into account the characteristics and needs of individuals with special needs, exemplary practices around the world and expert opinions.

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