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About Levent Group

Levent Group is a leading company in various sectors, including construction, energy, finance, education, durable consumer goods, agriculture, and automotive. We are committed not only to developing our businesses but also to ensuring the happiness and job satisfaction of our employees. As one of the leading employment providers in Northern Cyprus, we strive to provide an equal and respectful working environment for all our employees, regardless of their gender, age, profession, expertise, or experience.

Next Generation Levent Internship Program

This program, which we organize every summer, offers corporate work experience in our company to senior university students and fresh graduates. Interns explore the various aspects of working at Levent Group, take on active roles in projects, and gain experience that will shape their careers.

Being an Individual at Levent

With over 50 companies and over 4,000 employees in more than 10 sectors, we adopt the slogan "There is a place for you among us!". We provide transparent information to every candidate at every stage of the recruitment process and encourage them to ask any questions they have freely. We support a work environment where every employee is valued and respected.

Levent Talent Pool

If you want to be a part of Levent Group, you can join our talent pool. In this way, your skills are analyzed and your resume is automatically evaluated when a suitable position is opened.

You can apply through our website and review our current job postings in the job opportunities section.

Our Human Resources Policy

Continuous Improvement and Development: We support our employees' continuous improvement and development by offering them training and development opportunities with qualified and measurable impacts.

Talent-Focused Development: We focus on the internal talents of our individuals and create training and development environments that will help them discover and develop their potential.

Celebrating Diversity: We see multiculturalism and diversity as a richness and reflect this diversity in our employee profile.

Teamwork and Teamwork: We emphasize the importance of teamwork and team spirit and support and encourage these values.

Learning-Oriented Corporate Culture: We adopt a learning-oriented approach by integrating new developments into our corporate culture on an ongoing basis.

Work-Life Balance: We aim to create a happy and productive work environment by supporting a balanced structure in the business and social lives of Levent Group individuals.

Social Responsibility Awareness: We act with a high sense of responsibility towards individual, social, and environmental problems.

Additional Information

  • Levent Group is a leading company in various sectors, including construction, energy, finance, education, durable consumer goods, agriculture, and automotive.
  • The company offers a variety of career opportunities for individuals at all stages of their careers.
  • Levent Group is committed to providing a positive and supportive work environment for all employees.
  • The company offers a competitive benefits package, including training and development opportunities, health insurance, and a retirement savings plan.

If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities at Levent Group, please visit the company's website or contact the Human Resources department.

Career Opportunities

Career at Levent

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Career Opportunities

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