Together We Create, Together We Achieve!

At Levent, we believe in production and the power of collective creation. Our most valuable asset is our workforce, which values unity and solidarity, is focused on success, and has a strong sense of belonging. The synergy achieved between our diverse areas of activity in different sectors is the reason for our growing strength.

Progressing with Social Strength!

Our ongoing success since our inception is the result of the value we place on our consumers, business partners, and the entire society. Our faith in our country and our people has been our greatest source of motivation in achieving value-added successes with each passing day.

Empowered by Innovation, Shaping the Future!

The Levent ideology represents entrepreneurship, innovation, and embraces sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that the path to enduring in a changing world lies in success, competition for success, and competition through innovation. While fulfilling our principles, we invest in innovation, technology, design and R&D for the development our society deserves and for the country's economy.



Distribution and Retail

Playing a pioneering role in the distribution and retail sectors with its innovative approaches and strong infrastructure. The group, which aims to maximize customer satisfaction, makes a difference in the sector with its wide range of products and high-quality service approach.

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Emerges as a symbol of quality and trust in the construction sector. It is a pioneer in innovative projects in the sector with the vision of creating modern living spaces by constructing sustainable structures.

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Pioneering technology and innovation in the production field, Levent develops products that raise industry standards. It aims to add value to its customers through environmentally friendly production processes and a high-quality approach.

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Fostering innovative learning methodologies, contributing to the development of future generations. By combining knowledge and technology, it offers educational solutions that appeal to students of all ages.


Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Pioneering a leading role in protecting natural resources and supporting biodiversity. Aiming to contribute to healthy and sustainable food sources through high-standard production processes.

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Our Affiliates

Through its distinguished subsidiaries, it offers in-depth expertise and innovative solutions in the sectors it focuses on. Each subsidiary strengthens the group's holistic vision with its contribution to excellence and sustainable success in its field.


Consisting of companies in different sectors and different disciplines, the Levent Group of Companies achieves its goals with the strength it derives from its human resources. It acts with the principle of "people first" in every field and creates a discipline based on mutual respect and trust.

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Social Responsibility

Levent Şirketler Grubu, faaliyet gösterdiği her alanda topluma karşı sorumluluklarının bilincinde hareket etmeyi temel prensip olarak kabul eder.

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