"A Fairytale of Flavor: Loch Manor Wines

İç Sayfalar 18 Large

Loch Manor Winery, established in 2009, began its operations by planting grapevine saplings in Haspolat. Through years of efforts to develop grape varieties and expand vineyard areas, it has successfully cultivated seven different grape varieties, including two white and five red. Starting grape cultivation in Chatalkoy vineyards in addition to Haspolat, it has reached a total of 21,700 vines. As a result, Loch Manor has become a significant representative of the development of viticulture in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Loch Manor aims to produce high-quality but limited-quantity wines using local raw materials as an alternative to wines found in the local market that often contain imported ingredients. In line with this goal, it will continue to invest in raising awareness of TRNC-origin wines. It will also continue its research and innovation efforts to contribute to the development of the viticulture sector.

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