A Global Leader in White Goods and Small Appliances

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Beko, a global leader in white goods and small appliances, brings together cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and superior performance. With its innovative approach and ever-expanding product range, the brand offers effective and practical solutions to meet the demands of modern living. From energy efficiency to water conservation, ergonomic design to user-friendly interfaces, every detail of Beko products is meticulously crafted to add value to users' lives.

Operating in over 130 countries, Beko has been serving in Northern Cyprus for 23 years with the experience and assurance of the Levent Group. With an annual product sales of 41,000 units, Beko makes life easier by meeting the needs of the country. Reaching every corner of Cyprus with Levent's assurance through its branches, dealers, comprehensive service network, and logistics warehouse, Beko is proud to support the people in homes, workplaces, schools, and every aspect of life.

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