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Established in 1948 by Soichiro Honda in Japan, Honda is a renowned and pioneering automaker. The brand's core philosophy is built on providing its customers with high-quality, efficient, and technologically advanced vehicles. Honda's tagline, "The Power of Dreams," reflects the brand's ever-evolving innovative spirit. This approach has been instrumental in Honda's rise to leadership positions in numerous markets worldwide.

Honda's presence in Northern Cyprus dates back to 1986, with Levent Motor Ltd. Şti. serving as its trusted partner. This long-standing partnership is a testament to Honda's commitment to delivering quality and reliable services to its customers in Northern Cyprus. Levent plays a pivotal role in bringing Honda's innovative products and exceptional customer service to the people of Northern Cyprus. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers' driving safety and enjoyment through our comprehensive support, including periodic maintenance, original product warranties, original spare parts, and active roadside assistance.

Honda's global success is rooted in its unwavering dedication to continuous innovation, the development of environmentally conscious products, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. This approach has earned the company worldwide recognition and respect, while also enabling it to take significant steps towards a sustainable future. Honda is expected to continue its leadership in the automotive industry and contribute to shaping the market with its innovative products in the years to come.

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