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Established in 1999, Taşkent Poultry and Egg Facilities is a leader in the poultry industry with a capacity of 60,000 laying hens and 150,000 broiler chickens. They process 4,000 broilers daily and offer a wide variety (28 different types) of carefully packaged poultry products.

Taşkent prioritizes quality, high nutritional value, and meeting the needs of the market and their customers. Their protein-rich products are a key part of a healthy diet and local culinary traditions.

Food safety is paramount to Taşkent. They implement strict quality control measures throughout the entire production chain to deliver healthy and delicious products that meet consumer expectations. From the feed produced at Levent Feed Production Facilities to hatching eggs, chicks, and live broilers, veterinarians and agricultural engineers meticulously oversee all stages of production.


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